Effective communication begins at the top of every organization and becomes embedded into the culture. There is no substitute for clear communication.

Robert H Bullock

Build in cross sales without manipulating.  Have clients and customers calling you. Learn to help your clients endorse you to new business!

Unlock your mind to a deeper level of understanding than you ever thought possible.  Acheive hard results fast.  Psychic skills can be learned and applied to all facets of life.

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Interpersonal Communication Specialist

rhbics' Resources HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – Hospitality TO WALL STREET 

Our professional associations are educated and experienced with success in a number of fields including multimillion dollar business ownership and management.

Hunter Stollman, CFP, ChFC, CLU

“Bob is one of the best natural talents I’ve seen” (Marketing, business & personal development)

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Effective leaders have strong operational values.  They take the time to understand the people they lead and what really motivates them.

Robert H Bullock

Interpersonal Communication Specialist