Interpersonal Communication Specialist

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• Increase Profits         Improve productivity       • Reduce costs              Competitive Advantage                                                                                                                                                                     

Over and over it is shown that the overall culture of a company greatly affects the bottom line.  How you communicate is a direct reflection of your leadership and company culture.  I have found that there is a 30% - 50% unrealized revenue right inside a company's client base. 

Uncover untapped existing talents within your company and identify areas that may be keeping your company from growing.  Together we develop the leadership, mindset and strategy throughout your company that will give your company a competitive edge in the market place. Shift from a crisis/chaos driven style to a self sustaining highly functional business.  


Applied Intuition

Have you ever had a gut feeling on something and didn't act on it because it wasn't very clear and later wished you had?  Learn to increase clarity and accuracy to confidently act on your intuition.

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Facilitate study groups 

Robert has had over 35 years leading business and personal growth groups and accountability meetings requiring a moderator or mediator. 

Motivation & decision making Characteristics

How to reconize each and what language approach works with them.

Antiquated or ineffective systems and management styles have many hidden costs.  Out of control expenses are symptoms of poor leadership, infrastructure and training.  It is time to reboot and establish accountability.

Robert H Bullock

Interpersonal Communication Specialist

Are the values of your company truly integrated into every aspect of your company?  The actions, decisions, sales and results of your company will reflect the actual values regardless of what is published.  Once everyone fully understands the values and align with them you will see sustained productivity.

Endorsed Referrals

A successful field tested formula and process that have your clients and coi's walk you in the door to new prospects.

Robert H Bullock

Quick Skills 10.6

A crash course Leverage Language developed from NLP for sales and leadership and applied to real time events.


Robert Bullock began coaching before it became popular and sought after to work with individuals seeking a productive and healthy lifestyle. Must meet specific requirements for this program.