Robert H Bullock

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Many 'Psychic Tests" are based upon a flawed understanding of how psychic phenomena presents itself and can produce inaccurate scores.

Our sensory acuity can be expanded and sharpened to create tangible results.  Improving your "hit" ratio requires that you address the core areas that interfere with your accuracy.  

•  Uncover filters and beliefs

•  Discover which channel works best for you

​•  Enhance acuity through real time and life events

Once you have successfully addressed the above, you can move on to more complex areas of understanding and awareness.  Eventually you will find that your continued growth is guided by your own inner compass.  All of that takes determination and commitment in the face of personal resistance, contradictions to what you have learned and lack of social acceptance. Those things are insignificant to the personal and spiritual growth you will experience.

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Online Studies

A comprehensive program is in the works which will include several mentoring sessions.  So check back.

Interpersonal Communication Specialist

Live In Person and Online Group Classes

Also on the drawing table are programs that  include demonstrations, in class readings, and subjects from psychometry to healing.

Everyone experiences intuition, just in different ways and in many cases it goes unrecognized.

While everyone has the faculty for psychic awareness, not everyone has the inherent curiosity or desire to experience that awareness.


Robert H Bullock

Interpersonal Communication Specialist

no obligation initial consultation

Mentoring Sessions

Receive personal attention to develop and enhance your intuitive capacity.  

This includes activities personally designed for your talent.